Sugar Free Day Vermont will take place in September, 2020. #SFD2020

Sugar Free Day Vermont will take place in September, 2020. #SFD2020

Sugar Free Day Vermont will take place in September, 2020. #SFD2020Sugar Free Day Vermont will take place in September, 2020. #SFD2020Sugar Free Day Vermont will take place in September, 2020. #SFD2020

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About the Day


Could you (or your kids) quit sugar for a day?

The fact is, even if you're pretty conscientious about what you eat, chances are you're eating more added sugar than you realize. Sugar is added to as much as 74% of foods in the supermarket(3), including foods that you think are "healthy," like granola and yogurt.  

It's not forever

The primary goal of Sugar Free Day Vermont is to raise awareness about the harms of sugar and how much it is in our food supply. By reading Nutrition Facts and ingredient labels, you'll learn where sugar is hiding and be empowered to make more healthful choices. 

Why quit sugar?

Did you know that Vermont has the highest rates of childhood obesity in New England?(1)

Did you know that the average American consumes 2-3 times the recommended amount of sugar? (2)

Did you know that 74% of the food in the supermarket has added sugar?(3)

And did you know that sugar is associated with negative health outcomes(4), including:

Heart Disease




Increased risk for some cancers

Sleep problems

Skin problems


These are all reasons why you should consider giving up sugar. Start with one day.

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Parents want to do the best for their kids, but don't want to set up battles around food. In this toolkit, learn ways to educate your kids about good nutrition while minimizing the drama.

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For Teachers & Schools


Lesson plans and activity ideas for raising awareness about sugar and good nutrition. 

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For Organizations


Is your workplace food culture inadvertently sabotaging the best health intentions of your colleagues? Get some tips to improve everyone's health.

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For Individuals


If you've tried to quit sugar before, and your best intentions are cut short because of cravings and social situations, then maybe you need a little more info, some hacks and support. 

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(2) The Heart Association and the World Health Organization both recommend women and children consume no more than 6 grams of sugar, and men not more than 9 grams. The average American consumes 17 grams of sugar per day.


(4) Search for "sugar and ___" to find articles on the many negative health outcomes worsened by sugar. Be sure to look for reputable publishers, such as those with .gov suffixes or national organizations.