Let's Partner

How can you partner with #SFD2020?

There are many ways that organizations, companies, schools, restaurants and individuals can partner to raise awareness about the the harms of sugar, from agreeing to share information with your network, to signing up to do it (as an individual, group or organization), to being a cash sponsor to help spread the word through print and digital media.  All partners and sponsors will have their (linkable) logos on this page..We are planning for a digital campaign with millions of impressions leading up to the day in September 2020.

Presenting Sponsor

If your organization has reach, cash, or both, and you'd like to be associated with this needle-moving endeavor, please reach out. 

Partners = Participants

Partners include any organization, business, school or other entity that believes in the educational mission of SFD and wants to support it in some way. Partners include:

  • Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Organizations
  • Individual schools or school districts
  • Day Care Centers
  • Municipalities
  • Influencers
  • Individuals/Families

By being a partner, you can spread the word within your network and/or offer a fruit-based treat in addition to your normal spread. Activities include:

  • Mention in your newsletter (we can provide copy)
  • Mention in social media channels (we can provide copy and visuals for postings in weeks leading up to event)
  • Mention and/or display at your events

Being a partner affirms your commitment as a leader in health, even though it can be politically awkward. You stand up for the truth.

If you'd like to explore partnering, or involvement in any way, please send an email to: 

info (at) sugarfreedayvt dotorg.